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Wheel Hiroyuki CEO to accept the new industry dynamic media presentation

Hiroyuki wheel # # I am not the first, so spend more than 20% of the effort.

April 18, 2016, Global Sources Electronics Fair in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo held round intelligent outdoor sports watch brand Hiroyuki such as the invitation to attend the show, the consolidation of existing partnerships, but also to explore a large number of potential customers, open up the market and laid basis.

Mr. Wheel CEO Hiroyuki Wong Choi accept the Guangdong TV interview, introduced Bo wheel of brand culture and today's publicity, round Hiroyuki will borrow whereby professional platform, bringing to go out, at the forefront of innovation, to become the consumer smart outdoor sports watch brand.

(Mr. Hiroyuki round CEO Wong Choi accept the Guangdong TV interview)

Global Sources Electronics Show is the world's largest electronics sourcing event, the exhibition line-up stronger than ever, showing 3,500 booths of home, office and automotive electronics, intelligent home security products and electronic parts. Attract buyers from over 100 countries come to visit, meet quality suppliers in Asia and Europe and North America - where 90% of the exclusive exhibitors.

(Pictured Hiroyuki wheel exhibition corner Inquirer endless stream)