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Wheel Hiroyuki invited to participate in Shenzhen Gifts Home Show

April 25, 2016, the smart round outdoor sports watch brand Bo invited to participate in "The 24th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, Handicrafts, Watches & Houseware Fair", rich electronic gifts and outdoor lines.

The Shenzhen Gifts Home Show held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, has held for 24 years of history, sitting up to 115,000 square meters of exhibition scale, four-day event attracted 2,500 exhibiting companies at home and abroad.

Electronic gifts line tends to rich

A few years ago, just pop in the digital electronic products as gifts when the gift is limited to line U disk, digital photo frame, with the improvement of living standards in recent years, prices of electronic products become more rational, variety of electronic products, etc. factor, the gift of the range has been expanded. E-book, navigation, blood pressure monitors, digital cameras and mobile phones, audio, netbooks, tablet PCs, smart watches and other gift products have entered the ranks of household goods, some new electronic digital products have been widely favored. Hiroyuki round smart watch as a leading brand of outdoor sports, professional and uphold the spirit of service, providing customers with quality products, its ambition male climber watches the series was widely loved.

Hiroyuki round table for the FW01 fishing exhibitors were concerned)

Outdoor boom lift

With increasing public awareness of health, the rise of outdoor sports boom, sports enthusiasts mountaineering trips, time to exercise, new, stylish, professional "equipment" is very important. Hiroyuki wheel products for outdoor sports enthusiasts tailored weather forecast function is user-friendly design, integrated data by air pressure + altitude kept informed of changes in the weather, outdoor sports more comfortable experience. Digital compass can be described as "preventive measures" treasure chest, round Hiroyuki's smartwatch make sports safer outdoor pleasure. Hiroyuki round to join the digital music source Shenzhen Gift Home Show debut, leading the new trend of outdoor sports smartwatch field.

  • 2016-06-08
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